Hobbies and Well Being

On RTÉ Radio 1, on Friday 11th October, 2013 you may listen into Morning Ireland for a article on the importance of hobbies and activities for good mental health. Cóilín will be among the guests interviewed by Cian Mac Cormac, and he will discuss the psychological underpinnings which explain the … [Read More...]

Mindfulness Talk

I will a talk on Thursday October 10th, 2013 in the Temple Gate hotel, beginning at approximately 8pm. My talk will describe and explain what mindfulness is, how is can help with mental health, and I will guide the audience through a mindfulness meditative technique. The mindfulness piece is part … [Read More...]


Self-Identity: The Need for Clarity

Most of the time, we are happy enough with our lives and with who we are. A crisis can, however, can cause us to question what life is all about.  Who am I, really?  If fact, we all have an identity, which is usually based on a mixture of nationality, religion (or none), family values, and broader … [Read More...]