What Kind of People go to Psychotherapy?

Perhaps you have never gone to counselling before and you might wonder if therapy is what you need? The fact is that lots of different kinds of people go to therapy. Most clients are average people who are suffering from a particular problem that stops them enjoying life to the full. You may know the reason, i.e., a relationship break-up, or you may not. In either case, therapy can help.

Clients of all ages and come to counselling with all sorts of difficulties. Nowadays, many more men engage with counselling that used to be the case. The way to look at it is that if you are suffering you deserve to be helped. The problem is not as much the issue as is the effects of the problem on your life.

Comparing yourself with others and thinking that your problem is too small to justify counselling is a mistake. Why suffer? Check it out and if therapy is not for you, then there is no harm done.

Cóilín sees individual adults, couples, adolescents, and children.