Counselling in Limerick & Temple Street Hospital: Joining the Dots

Today’s Indo has an article about the inadequate facilities in Temple St. children’s hospital. We like to think that kids come first, but why are children not our priority in reality? In therapy, I find that many adult clients have had unhappy aspects to their own childhoods. Perhaps, a parent was absent, alcoholic or emotionally unavailable. One’s natural childhood defense to such unhappiness is to block it out, and often we continue blocking out emotional issues from childhood, well into our adulthood.

Now for the ‘joining the dots’ part. Do we avoid looking more closely at issues of child neglect, because it stirs up our own pasts? Possibly. One good reason for engaging in counselling or psychotherapy in Limerick is to open-up our own eyes so that we can stay with societal issues concerning childhood in Ireland. We do seem to stagger from crisis to scandal without enough real change happening.

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Limerick Psychotherapist and trained Counsellor, Cóilín Ó Braonáin PhD., Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I. has been practising psychology in the Mid-West of Ireland for 15 years. He works with adults, adolescents and children using a variety of psychological therapies. Google+ Link

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