Psychodynamic Therapy

Cóilín also used the traditional Freudian therapy which focuses on looking for underlying issues in the client’s past. Oftentimes the current problem is linked to some unresolved difficult in the client’s personal history, and this fact explains why you may not understand why you are feeling as you do. The treatment involved talking about the past in detail and making conscious any past unhappiness. Once the problem is conscious, it is in your power to overcome it. For example, depression may be triggered by a problem in your current relationship, but that relational problem, may in turn activate old emotional wounds around childhood. Perhaps your parent was absent a lot, overly strict, or just emotionally unavailable.

Freud suggested that the mind is like an iceberg. The visible part of the iceberg represents the conscious mind, but most of our thinking is unconscious or out of our awareness. The hidden unconscious mind has a large influence on how we feel and behave. Psychodynamic therapy helps us become aware of problematic unconscious processes.