Covid 19 and Anxiety

A recent Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP) has confirmed the obvious...a lot of us are anxious about the C19 emergency.  But, what can we do about it.  The good news is that CBT is known to be very effective in allieviating symptoms of anxiety.  Further good news is that CBT is simple to apply and fairly short-term (6-10 sessions are typical).  How does it work?  CBT uses a variety of techniques to teach you how to change the negative thinking that drives anxiety.  Also, once you have learned how to do that, you can be your own therapist when future problems arise.  How is this possible?  CBT used simple common sense, jargon free, methods that everyone can learn.  Why not make an appointment and check it out?  Sessions are booked from week to week, so there is no need to commit to a series of sessions, and you can finish at any time.  


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