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Client Difficulties

Most emotional and psychological problems can be treated successfully with psychotherapy. A few of the more common difficulties are presented below:


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Gerry came to therapy suffering from depression. ‘I lost interest in everything. My sleep pattern was all over the shop and I began isolating myself from my friends. Life seemed pointless and hopeless. At first, I was very sceptical about counselling. How could just talking make things better? Well, guess what? It did! It took about six weeks before I noticed any difference and then things started to pick up. I now have more self-awareness, and I can catch myself if I’m getting negative. Positive thinking stops me sinking back down again. I can heartily recommend counselling for anyone like me’


Emma had a problem with self-esteem. ‘I never felt that I was good enough, even though I excelled at most things I tried; I was good at school and sport and I had plenty of friends. In therapy, I realised that my parents expected too much from me and what seemed like encouragement to them, felt like pressure to me. In childhood, I came to believe that I was only acceptable to other people if I was the best at everything. As a result of counselling, I now accept myself as I am. I’m still good at what I do, but I know that I don’t have to be in order to be loved. That’s the difference.

Social Anxiety

My problem was social anxiety. Any situation where I felt that I had to perform was very threatening to me, because I felt I would make a mess of it, look stupid, and be judged by others. Worrying about upcoming social situations made me very anxious, so much so that it was easier for me to make excuses than go. My life revolved around, “what other people thought of me.” Psychotherapy taught me that that other people are busy with their own lives and that they are not sitting around judging me. Instead, I learned to become the centre of my own life.’ Deirdr


Many people are finding relationships difficult especially in the Covid-19 environment.  Being locked down can bring unresolved issues to the fore, where the business of life no longer acts as a buffer.  

Abuse as a Child

Tom had been sexually-abused as a child. ‘To be honest, my wife insisted that I get counselling, because emotionally, I was a bit distant. I didn’t think that what happened to me was that bad, compared to what you hear on the news. I found out that the long-term emotional effects of abuse are what therapy is about. I especially had a problem trusting anyone fully, even Breda, but I had never made the connection with abuse. It took some time but now I feel that I have left the past behind, and I can get on with life. I feel more alive now than I even did! I am obliged by law to report any disclosures that you make concerning historic child abuse that you experienced.

  Please note that historic child abuse must be reported to Tusla.


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